Sunday, June 28, 2015

Not even a story

I need no things to remind me of you, 
I won’t worship our memories and I’ll make you no promises 
We don’t need a soundtrack or a breathtaking view, 
I’m fine with being forgettable, are you? 
Are you still in with no damage control? 
No acting, no lines, 
No critics to rate us, no fans to adore us, no applause for our show, 
No prizes to win at the end of it all 
Who are you doing it for? 
Are you still in if there is nothing more? 
Not even a story to tell, 
For how could you ever start to explain 
How we broke ourselves into million pieces just to mend them together in one 
And then come back as two who have nothing in common with 
Who we were before we've begun?


Gina Buliga said...


cristina said...

great words....keep on with that!

Alexandra said...

Nice words m-au atins la suflet minunat.

RIoana T said...

Ma bucur mult c'am dat din greseala peste blogul tau, esti o gura de aer proaspat la nivel de scris