Thursday, September 14, 2017

Keep on

For all the trips we haven't taken, 
For long cold empty roads at 4 am and coffee from a gas station, 
For all the sunrises that find us quiet and awaken, 
For sharing airport dinner tables with a stranger, 
For rubbing warm fine sand against our ankles 
While looking at the sea, calm, blue and endless, 
For giving up the things we think we own 
And making the entire world our home, 
For sliding down a mountain in fresh snow, 
For sailing, swimming and for diving, 
For wandering around, for running, 
For biking through a forest and for flying 
And dragging tired feet in muddy shoes through grass and dew, 
For all the places no one knew 
Until someone decided to start looking, 
We keep on moving. 

For all the small things happening between the lines, 
The unplanned and unglamorous split seconds in our lives, 
For children in the neighborhood playing with water 
And whispering big secrets to each other, 
For old men in old fashion suits all dressed up just for grocery shopping, 
For napping 
And driving for the first time and for laughing, 
For laughing during classes and laughing at a funeral, 
For having messy hair, and being flawed and being human, 
For drinking wine with friends on Monday nights, 
For sudden hugging in the middle of our fights, 
For walking bearfoot and for dancing in the street, 
For crying at a concert and staying up all night with someone right after you meet, 
For songs set on repeat 
And cheering for our team and jumping from our seat, 
For finding wind and shadow during heat, 
For french fries, ice cream and warm bread with butter, 
For smiles from random people we encounter 
And talking about romance for the first time with our mother 
Or going on a sudden road trip with our father, 
For all the silly things we never thought would matter, 
For not expecting anything when giving 
And understanding people we do not agree with, 
For all our desperation conquered by believing 
We keep on living. 

For holding hands, 
For freezing time before a first kiss or during a slow dance, 
For all the stories that begin after one story ends, 
For being free but not alone, 
For looking past our covers and deep into our souls, 
For reaching out or bringing comfort with our words and songs, 
For getting over heartbreak and letting someone in, 
For giving all we have even when there's no chance to win, 
For hearts beating in pairs against our skin, 
For being held while sleeping and watching someone sleep 
And letting them take care of us when we are sick, 
For closeness overcoming lust 
And growing in the light of someone's trust, 
For doubting everything we're told 
And sharing dreams and tears until we're old, 
For all the strength we find in caring, 
For daring, 
For all our fear and sorrow conquered by belonging, 
We keep on loving. 

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